Christopher Lewis
Editor in Chief

Christopher Lewis graduated from Vanderbilt University and earned the bachelors degree in English and Literature. Prior to joining the Word Observer Online, he serves the military for 4 years and become the head commander of his platoon. After serving the military he went on and continue studying to achieve the PHD degree for his course. View All Posts

Jonas Ronan

Jonas Ronan in one of the head author of the World Observer Online. He’s passion in writing brought him to where he is right now. He has been writing since he was in high school, been very comfortable with his hobby and decided to make it his profession. Now he is one of the top writers in the industry. View All Posts

Judy Moore

Graduated with a degree in clinical Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. However, she won third place in the creative writing contest in 1998 and was hired by one of the judges during the event. For a teenager to be hired professionally to write a blog and a proofread, it was really a big achievement for herself, prior to becoming a member of the team. View All Posts

Mark Lee Miller

Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Served his course for 3 years and become one of the top Civil Engineers in Oregon. Whilst performing his duty, he finds time to write as this has been his passion since in high school. He tend to write blogs about his projects and his experience in travelling. View All Posts