Iran Arrests 150 Young People at Mixed-Gender Garden Party

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July 28, 2016 – According to state-run media, Iranian authorities have arrested 150 youth at a mixed gender birthday party despite of a crackdown on behavior known to be un-Islamic.

On Monday, a senior Tehran police commander, Mohsen Khancherli, told the Tasnim news agency that they received information some time ago regarding a mixed gender garden party in the west area of Tehran. The garden was next to an illegal music recording studio and was attended by 150 girls and boys.

He also added that the police would keep on watching on all gardens in Tehran west for any illegal gatherings.

The ages of those young people detained were not yet released.

The morality police of the country enforce strict laws that prohibit men and women from socializing with opposite sex. Penalties for breaking this law potentially include a fine and lashes.

Many people in Iran push the boundaries of the strict codes of conduct and dress of the Islamic republic, which force females to wear hijab and regulate men’s dress and hairstyles.

The rules governing dress and behavior came into force after the revolution on 1979 that deposed Iran Western Shah. Particularly, they are strictly enforced during the summer months.


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