Teen Attacks Passengers on Train in Germany Leaving 3 People Severely Hurt

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July 21, 2016 – On Monday, an Afghanistan teen attacked people on a train in Germany using bladed weapons, injuring 3 passengers severely, and was shot dead by a SWAT team, authorities told reporters.

Police said that the incident took place on a train in Heidingsfeld. The weapons of the suspect were described as a knife and an ax. Later on, officers shot and killed the attacker.

According to an interview with Joachim Hermann, Bavaria’s interior minister, the attacker was identified as a 17 years old Afghan man. Hermann said the police team killed the attacker right after he exited the train.

Police said at least 3 passengers suffered from severe injuries while about 10 to 20 passengers have light injuries. However, majority of those people suffered from shock and not just directly from the attacker.

According to the police, it’s too early to determine a motive if the incident is related to terrorism.

Hermann told media the 17-year-old was an unaccompanied refugee. He lived with a foster family or a caretaker in Ochsenfurt (south of Würzburg). The train passed through the town yet it was not noted when he boarded.

According to Hermann, the suspect lived in Ochsenfurt for some time. The team of police officers that shot the suspect was there by chance as they were nearby on an unrelated event. He added that authorities are continuously investigating what’s the boy’s motive of the attack and they were looking into reports that the attacker had yelled out an exclamation during the rampage. During the attack, some witnesses had heard the attacker shout Allahu Akbar or God is great.

The attack on the train in Heidingsfeld comes days after a truck attack in Nice, France during the Bastille Day fireworks show that killed 84 people. Authorities in France called that attack in Nice as an act of terrorism.

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