CIA Agents Arrested In Turkey for Involvement in Government Overthrow

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July 20, 2016 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Turkey (MoFA) stated that the 2 arrested CIA pilots were responsible for shooting down the Sukhoi Su-24m Russian bomber plane over Syria on November last year. They also attempted to kill Turkey’s President Erdogan a few days ago during the failed coup attempt. President Putin has already been informed of the 2 CIA agents’ arrest.

According to a report, the MoD warned that the regime of Obama was planning to kill President Erdogan during the coup and replace him with Fethullah Gulen – the CIA’s designated figurehead. Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the report just a few hours ago by stating that the terrorist organization of Fetullah Gulen was behind the coup attempt.

The American people are still not being told about this latest Obama regime CIA failure, and according to what has been reported on July 17, Turkish leader President Erdogan praises Putin for saving his life. However, he vows revenge on Obama knowing the fact that his life was only saved due to elite Federation Spetsnaz forces that had been ordered by President Putin in order to protect him.

A report states that on July 15, when Turkey President Erdogan was in flight bound to Istanbul to counter the coup forces against him which has been led by the CIA, the same 2 pilots who had downed Russian Su-24 bomber plane, locked on their air to air missiles in order to destroy the plane of Erdogan.

According to the report, while these CIA pilots are in the middle of locking their air to air missiles onto Erdogan’s plane planning to kill him that time, they were immediately ordered by Obama regime controllers to quickly abort their mission and return to their air base in Incirlik, where Turkish forces were also searching at that very hour.

These 2 pilots were not the only ones ordered by the CIA to have their mission aborted. As a matter of fact, all Turkish, American and NATO aircraft were also ordered to return to their bases immediately throughout the whole Levant War Zone.

The report says they don’t have air cover to protect them so these CIA forces were overwhelmed by both ordinary citizens and Turkish police forces. Because of that, President Erdogan has been able to land in Istanbul safe and sound.

The report states that the main reason why CIA ordered all their coup-supporting aircraft to be grounded was because to the threat or promise of President Putin to immediately activate the S-500 Prometey of MoD 55R6M Triumfator-M air defense systems that has been stationed at the Air Base of Khmeimim. These air defense systems can immediately put down every hostile aircraft over Syria, Iraq, and Turkey in just a matter of 120 seconds. It can even destroy all US-NATO military satellite in LEO (Low Earth Orbit) over the Levant.

Though this is not known by average Western people, the S-500 air defense system is the most dreaded weapon of its type worldwide and it can simultaneously intercept up to 10 hypersonic and ballistic missiles. It is also capable of engaging targets up to 200 km or more than 120 miles altitude, can intercept UAVs and aircrafts, as well as destroy space destruction devices, orbital weaponry, and destroy Low Earth Orbit satellites. In addition to that, due to its ability to work perfectly on super inaudible radio channels, this air defense system is impervious to all countermeasures.

With these 2 CIA pilots arrested and now in custody together with their commander and coup leader General Akin Ozturk, report says that it’s expected that they’ll be sentenced to death after the government of President Erdogan reinstates the death penalty soon.

According to the report, once President Putin received official information from Turkey that these 2 CIA pilots were already in custody, the Security Council will have to authorize the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in announcing the joint projects of Russia with Turkey – one that’s still on the agenda is the undersea TurkStream natural gas pipeline connecting from Russia to Turkey.  

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