Almaty, Kazakhstan Shooting Leaves One Civilian, Three Cops Dead

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July 18, 2016 – One civilian and three police officers were shot dead on Monday in the former Kazakhstan Soviet republic, officials said.

According to the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs, at least one gunman was behind the country’s largest city of Almaty shootings – an incident which has been described by the president of the country as a terrorist act.

The Embassy of United States in the capital Astana advised all U.S. citizens in the country to stay indoors during the incident.

Anonymous 27-year-old man claimed to be the suspect was arrested. In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that he shot a police officer guarding a police station prior to stealing the officer’s weapon and fleeing the scene.

The ministry said that during his escape, he were able to gun down two more officers with the use of the stolen weapon and shot a civilian to death while try trying to steal their vehicle.

After arriving in the hospital, the three police officers died of their injuries and eight other individuals were injured, according to the Health Ministry.

Another man was also arrested because he was near the criminal when he shot the first police officer, the health ministry said in a 2nd statement. They also said that he’s being checked for involvement in such law-breaking activity.

After a meeting with the security council of the country, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev called the incident as a terrorist act – regretfully causing deaths.

Kazakh President Nazarbayev has ruled Kazakhstan, which the Democracy Index of the Economists describes as an authoritarian regime since 1989. Following the killings on Monday, Nazarbayev said that law enforcement agencies should take any necessary measures in order to maintain order in the city.

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