Pokémon Go Phenomenon: Here’s What You Need to know About the Catch ‘Em All Craze

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July 12, 2016 – Kids and adults have embraced their inner Pokémon-fanatic sides following the release of the free smartphone app, Pokémon Go, on July 6. The Nintendo mobile game that now has more daily users than twitter, has technically brought the cute cartoon pocket monsters to life and has gamers frantically searching to catch ‘em all.

Confused by the Pokémon craze? Here’s all you need to know about the commotion that is sweeping the entire nation:

What is Pokémon Go smartphone app?

Pokémon Go integrates the fun and thrill of searching for Pokémon (the digital imaginary creatures that was first seen on video games in the ‘90’s era) into real life with the use of a smartphone. Pokémon Go combines geocaching – an activity that uses GPS technology in order to place and locate new creatures and items, with an augmented reality concept, or a real-world environment live view, with added computer-generated input (in this case, the Pokémon creatures around you).

The app was developed by a well-known gaming company, Niantic. It uses the GPS locator of your smartphone to place Pokémon in your own vicinity. On the Pokémon Go app, the Pokémon come into view alongside any real life objects. Most of the time, the type of Pokémon you can find (grass, fire, water, and other kinds) depend on how close the user is to those things or elements in the world.

The goal of the game is to literally catch ‘em all, while also visiting Gyms and Pokéstops to collect new items, creatures, and battle other Pokémon trainers along the way. But, unlike the original video games of Pokémon, the user has to move around physically to find and encounter these creatures.

What’s the big deal in playing this new craze? Lots of Pokémon Go users seem drawn to this new game because it can bring a childhood dream to life – What if Pokémon creatures were real and hiding down the street? Or in my backyard? These pocket-sized creatures, created more than twenty years ago, have now made a comeback into the everyday lives of Pokémon fanatics with the use of Pokémon Go app. The app is completely free, easy to play and download even without any prior Pokémon knowledge or experience. That is why millions of people are pretty excited for this new craze.

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