Poll States Trump Supporters More Likely to Describe Blacks Negatively

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June 29, 2016 – U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump supporters are more likely to address African Americans as violent, lazy, unintelligent, and criminal than voters who backed Republican rivals in the primaries or those who support Hillary Clinton (a Democratic contender),  according to lpsos/Reuters opinion poll.

Ahead of the November 8 election to replace the first black U.S. president, Barack Obama, the poll also showed numbers of Americans in both Democratic and Republican parties view blacks negatively than whites, creating anxiety about living in diverse neighborhoods.

In the survey, Republicans expressed these concerns to a much higher degree than Democrats, with Donald Trump supporters presenting the most negative views of blacks.

The poll which was conducted between March and June has included twenty one questions on attitudes about race and interviewed 16,000 Americans. It sought responses from supporters of the presumptive Republican nominee, Trump, the presumptive Democratic nominee, Clinton, as well as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, her rival. It also surveyed voters who support Ohio Governor John Kasich and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, the last 2 Republican candidates dropping out of the race.

When asked about the poll, Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said that Trump is egalitarian who believes in protecting and supporting the equality of all people. He also added that it’s a stark contrast to Clinton, whose certain policies have been a disaster for Hispanic and African-American citizens. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s spokesman refused to comment on the poll.

Nearly half of supporters of Donald Trump described most African Americans as more violent than whites. Almost the same proportion of Trump’s supporters also described them as more criminal than whites, while forty percent described African Americans as more lazy than whites.

In smaller yet still significant numbers, Clinton supporters also viewed blacks more critically compared to whites when it comes to certain personality traits. The survey said that about 1/3 of Clinton supporters described African Americans as more criminal and violent than whites, and one quarter described African Americans as more lazy than whites.

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