10 People Injured in California Capital White Nationalist Rally

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June 26, 2016 – Authorities said that 10 people were injured during a counter-protest and nationalist protest on Sunday near the California state Capitol in Sacramento’s steps.

Around 7 individuals were stabbed during the melee, said George Granada, a California Highway Patrol Officer. According to the Fire Department of Sacramento, the age of injured people ranged from 19 to 58 and among them is one woman.

Sacramento police spokesman Matthew McPhail said that all injured individuals were expected to survive.

According to the associated press, the original protest was actually permitted as well as organized by the Traditionalist Worker Party (which is described as a political party), created for and by working families which goal is to lead Americans toward a prosperous and peaceful future free from anti-Christian degeneracy, federal tyranny, and economic exploitation.

Matthew Heimbach, the founder of the group, said in an interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center (the one that tracks hate groups) that the group’s mission was to make a European-style nationalist movement.

A Traditionalist Worker Party flier for the protest on Sunday that reads: “You have reached our sympathy’s limits” beneath images of individuals holding signs that say Brown N’ Proud and Make America Mexico Again.

The counter-protest held on Friday was organized by the Anti-Fascist Network Sacramento chapter.

Officer George Granada of the Highway Patrol group explained that the groups clashed quickly after meeting that triggered a lockdown at the capitol.

On the other hand, Matthew Heimbach said described on an interview that as soon as their guys stepped out of the garage where they parked their vehicles, they were attacked by two hundred anti-fascist people. Heimbach also added that his group members went armed with shields.

A pro-Traditionalist Worker Party live stream of the skirmish showed several police officers rushed in riot gear. At some point, an individual was struck in the head with a baseball bat and collapsed on the ground.

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