The What-ifs of Donald Trump’s Migrant Plans

June 18, 2016 2:56 pm 0 comments Views:


June 18, 2016 – In his recent announcement, Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump emphasized on his plan of suspending the immigration of countries with many records of terrorism. He then promised that this banning process may be tough but this is, for him, the fastest way of eliminating terrorist in the country.

Though it sounds like a provocative measure, there has been a little change on the original of the original plan of the presumptive presidential nominee. His new statement implies that this banning of people goes to the history of terrorism and not on religions. This is one of the greatest way of the business mogul in doing away the long-debated issue on faith.

Many believed that executing this plan may not be as easy as saying it. By banning these regions that are known for terrorism, Trump must reacquaint himself with the Immigration restrictions that have been long implemented since 1965. Presently, Trump didn’t name yet the countries that will be affected by the ban but surely it would countries that are in Middle East, Africa and Asia where a number of Islamic terrorist are occupying. Many commented that by this decision, the America might end the relationship it currently has with regards to defeat jihadist terrorists.

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