Orlando Police found Christina Grimmie’s killer

June 13, 2016 2:31 pm 0 comments Views:


June 13, 2016 – The authorities of Orlando, Florida finally found the answer to the foremost question on the death of the twenty-two year old, The Voice singer, Christina Grimmie. The police named the killer as Kevin James Loibl, 27 years of age, from St. Petersburg, Florida. As of the moment the police didn’t give further details on the background of the assaulter. 

It can be recalled that Christina Grimmie had been signing autographs of the 120 fans for the meet and greet session after her show in The Plaza Live Theater when the man approached and shoot her. She was immediately brought to the nearest hospital, however, she didn’t survived on the shots she acquired. Long after the brother of Christina, Marcus Grimmie, tackled him, Loibl shot himself.

According to police reports, the gunman had two handguns, two additional magazines which are fully loaded, and a large hunting knife. They have gone through a thorough investigation on the motive of the gunman by searching through the man’s computer, phone, and other stuff but found nothing that could have led to the shooting of the singer. Upon further investigation, the authorities found out that Loibl had driven from Orlando to perform the crime and had plans of return home after.

It remains a mystery to many how the gunman was able to bring inside the Plaza those armors when there’s a security guard who checks belongings before entering.

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