50 Dead upon the Attack of Gay Nightclub Gunman

June 11, 2016 2:23 pm 0 comments Views:


June 11, 2016 – In Orlando, Florida, a man who claimed to be part of an Islamic State terrorist group and has been currently investigated for his relation with a number of terrorist attacks, has stormed inside a night gayclub with rifle and pistol at hand then carried out one of the most horrendous mass killing in the history of the United States. This incident left 50 people dead and 53 wounded individuals who are still recovering in hospitals, some in state of shock while others are at risk of dying.

The aggressor has been identified by authorities as Omar Mateen, born in New York City. The 29 year old assailant changed the festive mood of the club into a scene of slaughter by killing innocent individuals one after the other, resulting to the piles of dead bodies on the floor drench on their own blood. After the said incident, surviving partygoers immediately evacuated and left the area, reporting eventually to the police what had happened; while the others who were trapped inside the club immediately called 911 and posted updates on social media asking for help and backup. The shooting happened in two in the morning. Some of the clients of the said club first thought that what they heard were firecrackers or just simple loud thumping of the music being played.

According to reports, the Islamic State has been encouraging its members to do solo attacks in the Western part of the world most specially that the holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching.

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