10,000+ Died on Trying to Cross Mediterranean to get into Europe

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July 8, 2016 – More than 10,000 refugees have been reportedly died from trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea just to get to the European Union ever since 2014 according to the United Nations. This growing number of individuals dying has tremendously left the Union uneasy. In order to address this growing number of dead refugees trying to secure a better future for themselves, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) came up with new plans, new resolution to this undying problem. They had revealed their plan of limiting the number of illegal migrants from Africa throough the promotion of private investments. The latest figure made known by the UNHCR shows a unbelievable number of 2, 814 who have lost their lives within this year – and is expected to increase by the end of this year.

This year, an approximate number of 206,199 have successfully survived the life-defying journey which is consist of men, women (20%) and children (35%). Most of them are Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis.

Europe came up with a plan that involves the use of EU funds in promoting private investments up to sixty-eight billion euros in selected countries that include Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, and Senegal. In addition, this planned program aims to create funds that would be within reach to private investments in countries like Lebanon and Jordan.

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