Hilary Clinton appealed to Sanders’ supporters to Unite with her

June 7, 2016 1:59 pm 0 comments Views:


June 7, 2016 – After months of campaign, Clinton claimed her victory in the Democratic presidential nomination over Caifornia, New Jersey, and New Mexico primaries, defeating her rival Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont; however, based on prior reports, Sanders didn’t give any hints of conceding for the position stating he would be continuing his campaigns.

Filled with joy, Clinton savored her victory as she took the stage in Brooklyn and expressed her deepest gratitude while the crowd waved the flag of America and chanted her name.

Sanders had been hoping to win in California, in an attempt to win the support of the Democratic officials. He had been very much determined to win over the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. He promised his supporters that he’ll be fighting hard to win and will continue his plight against social, economic, racial and environmental justice.

On the other hand, Hilary Clinton has already fixed her attention on the general attention in order to be at par with her rival, Donald Trump, who had been campaigning for quite some time already. At present, she has a total of 4,051 delegates won in the Democratic primaries and 571 support from superdelegates. The campaign of the two Democratic presidential candidates are in good terms and had been talking intently on the future of these two candidates and for the convention of the party this July.

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