The Greatest Boxer of All Time Died at 74

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June 4, 2016 – The silver-tongued champion who once proclaimed himself as “The Greatest” died at the age of 74 last Friday, June 3, 2016 in a hospital in Phoenix where he spent the remaining days of his life fighting against a respiratory complication.

For three decades, the renowned boxer had struggled with a progressive neurological condition that had slowly eaten his verbal abilities and physical dexterity. The family of the boxer remembered him as the “greatest man/ daddy/ bestfriend/ hero ever alive”. It can be recalled that even with this condition Ali didn’t allow his sickness to hinder him from releasing public statements with regards to politics and other controversies in the country. He objected Trump’s plan of banning Muslims in the United States.

After Ali had been diagnosed with his illness, he submitted himself into more humanitarian causes and proved the world that he’s more than capable of inspiring people. He believed that though other people viewed him as worthless because of his failure of raising his own children, he shared that he never regretted becoming a boxer. He emphasized that boxing brought him fame, and fame allowed him to become famous and do what he is able to do at the moment – inspire and help the less fortunate.

The funeral of this great boxer has been set at his hometown in Louisville, Kentucky.


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