Violent Protesters on Trump’s Rally

June 3, 2016 4:53 pm 0 comments Views:


June 3, 2016 – Trump’s rally ended up into a violent gathering when anti-Trump demonstrators attacked the attendees and police in the area. The Police Department of San Diego had reported an approximate number of 300 to 400 protesters of Trump outside the event arena who caused havoc during the rally.  Four were arrested due to physical assault, bringing of deadly weapons and unlawful assembly. Police officers who dealt with this anti-Trump group ended up suffering from minor injuries when these protesters used metal objects while forcing their way in. Video recordings show how anti-Trump activists surrounded the San Jose Convention Center, brawled and injured many individuals. They did not only hurt Trump’s supporters but as well smashed taillights of the attendees’ and police cars. In addition, reports have shown that a Trump supporter has been surrounded by these activists has been thrown bottles and spitted while he was walking back to his vehicle.

The police had first warned these protesters to go home; however, they remained on their posts and started the riot against the police and rally attendees. They began trash talking and throwing traffic signs and empty cans to law officers and civilians.

Before these violent incidents happened, the Republican nominee Trump critiquing Hilary Clinton, calling the Democrat nominee as “pathetic”.

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