Amish people do not get Cancer, according to Cancer Causes and Control study

June 3, 2016 5:38 pm 0 comments Views:


Health experts for the Cancer Causes and Control journal have concluded that Amish people are the healthiest people in America, due to their diet and lifestyle. Amish people are also the only people with almost no case of cancer

The experts were from Ohio University. Their study was aimed at finding whether the Amish people’s lack of conventional medicine increased cancer risk.

Initial analysis already found that Amish people have much less chance of developing cancer when compared to the rest of the American population. They therefore decided to look into their lifestyles more to find out more.

Most Amish people, according to their beliefs and values, do not smoke or drink and are usually not promiscuous. The experts concluded as a result that lifestyle had a huge effect on cancer risk.

The amount of physical work is also significant. The Amish are heavily involved in agriculture, construction and similar activities which are largely physical, keeping them healthy as a result.

This is in comparison to the rest of the US population which is much less active, often watching TV or on the computer.

The Amish also grow their own food using organic methods, supplying them with much more beneficial fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat, while avoiding processed foods.

It seems though while ridiculed, Amish people’s more conservative life with local produce makes them much more healthy than the rest of America if not the world.

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