Media criticized media for questioning Trump’s Veteran Donations

June 1, 2016 1:19 pm 0 comments Views:

downloadJune 1, 2016 – In a news conference at Trump Tower, the presidential candidate was not able to hide his hostility towards the media. The interview focused on the financial subsidy that Trump had given to veteran’s charities that followed after his fundraising event that happened last January when he declined from joining one of the TV debates saying he had better things to do.

Given that the activity happened five months ago, the reporters asked the presumptive presidential candidate on what took so long for this announcement to be made, where the money went, and how it was distributed to the charities named. However, this inquiry triggered Trump and caused him to say unlikable words towards the reporters. Quoted from his statement, he said that the political press is one of the most dishonest and worst people he had ever meet and that media people must be ashamed of what they are doing.

This attack towards journalists created a very huge impact on the character that the presumptive presidential candidate is trying to make. It has been given that there has always been an uneasy bond between politicians and reporters because of their different objectives and conflict of interest. The reporters have defended that their work obliges them to keep asking, continue scrutinizing, and give to the people what they ought to know.

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