Trump Accuses China of Raping the US

May 12, 2016 4:20 pm 0 comments Views:

The highly controversial Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who has been known for his outspokenness, has accused China of raping the US with unfair trade policy. Even dubbing it as the greatest theft in the history of the world. This was in a campaign rally he had in Indiana last Sunday.

Trump has been accusing China repeatedly of manipulating its currency, wherein Chinese authorities make it a point to maintain a closely fixed relationship between the yuan and the US currency, rather than having it float freely against the dollar. Thus resulting to damaging consequences for US businesses and workers.

He reiterated during the campaign that this has to end, and that they can turn it around, confidently stating that they have the cards and they should not forget it.

Figures from the US government has shown that last year’s trade deficit with China has reached an all-time high of $365.7 billion, and has already reached $57billion as early as February of this year.

Even before Mr. Trump has formally announced that he is running for the presidency, he was already a well-known figure in China. There is even a property management firm in Henan province called Trump Consulting, that has no connection whatsoever to the billionaire businessman, but says on their website that it was inspired by Mr. Trump’s property empire.

On social media, Chinese netizens have expressed admiration despite his views on race and immigration.

There is still no response from Beijing regarding Mr. Trump’s statements.

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