US and China’s latest spat concerns chickens!

May 11, 2016 5:04 pm 0 comments Views:


May 11, 2016 – China and US had been bickering each other for quite a number of issues – from territories to hasty arguments of products and natives – but this time, the focus of their argument centered on chickens.

The administration of the incumbent President Obama accused China of blocking the imports of US poultry. The US Trade representative filed another complain – the twelfth since 2009 – to the Word Trade Organization on Tuesday, emphasizing on the argument that China has failed to remove the tariffs on US chickens which a clear violation of the ruling of the trade body.

US Trade Representative Michael Froman stated that these unfair and unjustified taxes on US chickens are obvious violations which China purposely committed against the poultry farmers of America. This tension between these two powerful country has greatly intensified this year. It can be recalled that just last month, US Steel accused China’s steel producers of breaking another trading rule which has been immediately reported to US International Trade Commission to be investigated.

These issues on trading with China have been part of the key issues tackled in the US presidential elections. The presumptive Republican nominee has aired out almost in every of his speeches and rallies that America cannot let China keep on abusing the country.

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