Cavaliers on the Move for the Next Round

May 11, 2016 3:55 pm 0 comments Views:


If there’s one thing that Cavs player, Kyrie Irving, learned from his knee injury on last year’s Final game, that is to get lots of luck. After a year of losing hopes for the title, the Cavs are now back on their feet and healthily waiting for the results between Boston and Atlanta in their second round.

Last Wednesday April 27, 2016, following their usual warm-up routine, LeBron and his team prepared on the court while Irving continued his stay to get some additional outside shooting and free throws. J.R. Smith didn’t join the group as after hurting his groin to which Coach Tyronn Lue concluded as something that’s not so serious.

Though the team can benefit from the eight-day break between games, the coach had announced that they don’t have the luxury of wasting their time while waiting for Boston or Atlanta. He believed that the players must be on their guard at all times, keeping in mind the unfortunate event that had happened last year where Love dislocated his left shoulder and Irving shattered his kneecap.

Lue emphasized on the team’s playing together as one, boosting the play of Cleveland’s Big Three – Love, Irving and James – and enjoying every moment on the track that they are now. With the level of intensity growing up and players getting fiercer, the least thing the coach would want to happen is for his players to encounter another injury. “The most important thing in the playoffs is staying healthy, playing harder and competing harder.”

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