Four arrested in Honduras for the killing of Berta Caceres

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May 3, 2016 – Authorities of Hondura have arrested four men who were found to have been a connection with the award-winning environment activist, Berta Caceres, who was shot in her beloved hometown, La Esperanza, last month. She had been leading the struggles against the protection of Agua Zarca Dam which has been considered as a sacred place of contemplation by Lenca people for already a decade. She received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize the previous year but with it she received as well death threats.

“Taking the life of Berta Caceres is a hit on the Honduran State,” highlighted by the Honduran President who also hailed the arrest of the four suspects. The suspects included Rodriguez Orellana (manager of social and environmental issues for DESA – the company behind the proposed infrastructure to be built in Agua Zarca Dam), Geovanny Bustillo (worked with the security firm hired by the dam project), Honduran army major, and retired captain of Honduran army. However, the family of the victim asserted on making their own investigation after they have been denied of their right to participate in the investigation process, believing that the arrest can be excluding the very person who ordered the assassination. This tragic incident and the ongoing investigation has caused the immediate suspension and a definitive end to the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric project.

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