Will Smith, Former Saint Player, crashed and shot several times

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April 13, 2016“This is such a tragic loss of life,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodel stated after the news of one of the National Football League’s top defender’s death. The prominent member of the New Orleans Saints team – winner of the 2010 Superbowl – was killed by a gunman after crashing his car near the French Quarter last Sunday.

The police are still investigating the motive of the shooting that brought Smith’s death and wounds to his wife. They are considering a road rage case and grudges against the former Saint Player who was riding his Mercedes at the Lower Garden District when a Hummer crashed into his vehicle. The Saint Player exchanged words with the driver, who then took a handgun and shot Smith several times.

The incident has been pointed towards a Cardell Hayes, 28, who was arrested and charged with second degree murder by the New Orleans Police Department. The police are still looking into the case and the presumption that Smith and Hayes knew each other prior to the shooting.

Cardell Hayes once sued the city of New Orleans after one of its policemen shot his mentally ill father in 2005 where he won a settlement six years later. Reports emerged that Smith had been dining out with William Ceravolo, one of the policemen involved in the shooting of Haye’s father. The police are still studying whether these aspects are considerably related to the shooting.


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