News Conference on Battery Case of Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager

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April 13, 2016 – The State Attorney of Palm Beach County announced that they’ll be holding a news conference on Thursday with regards to the battery charged against Corey Lewandowski. Numerous reports have emerged after Dave Aronberg, office of the prosecutor spokesperson, confirmed the news. There were several statements issued that this conference would be about the non-pursuance on the prosecution of Aronberg against Lewandowski.

Lewandowski has been charged of battery after Trump’s news conference last March 8 where Michelle Fields, reporter of Breitbart News, accused him of forcibly grabbing her while she was trying to ask Trump a question. Though Fields didn’t give any statement with regards to this, she stated that she’s thinking of to filing a defamation suit against Trump and Lewandowski.

It can be remembered that the campaign manager called the reporter “delusional”, denying the charges against him. Even Trump belittled the reported and strongly defended his manager. But the accusation of the reporter has been supported by the security video provided by the police which showed Lewandowski pulling Fields away from Trump. Though the evidence was clear, Mr. Aronberg stressed that the bar for prosecution was too high for such charges filed by police.

The news conference is planned to be held at two in the afternoon on Thursday and would center the discussion on the matters revolving Fields and Lewandowki.

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