Debate between Clinton and Sanders finally settled

April 3, 2016 6:33 am 0 comments Views:


April 3, 2016 – The debate between Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has been finally agreed to be at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as announced by CNN, after several weeks of bickering and blurting commentaries to each other. The debate was set on the 14th of April, before April 19 where the New Yorkers would be casting polls.

This has been agreed after the argument set by Sanders where he emphasized that the debate should be set before the New York primary which was approved as well by Clinton’s group saying the debate would be fine any time within April.

Michael Briggs, spokesperson for Sanders’ campaign, sent out apologies for having to move their planned rally – a campaign event in Washington Square Park in Manhattan – which was supposed to be on the fourteenth but was move a night earlier before the debate. He stressed, as well, his hopes on the debate to be worth the inconvenience of the thousands of New Yorkers who were tremendously affected by the changes of schedules and can no longer attend the scheduled rally.

Wolf Blitzer will be moderating the debate which has been duly sponsored by NY1 and Daily News.  This will be aired from 9pm to 11pm and Dana Bash of CNN and Errol Louis of NY1 would be on panel during the debate.

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