Qatar Deserves It!

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Qatar is unfamiliar to football world. But here are the 10 facts about the host of World Cup 2022 which makes them ideal to host the tournament.


1) Qatar is not only the first Arab nation to host the FIFA World Cup but also smallest nation ever to host it.


Qatar, even though a small nation, is the richest country in the world.

2) The nine iconic stadiums where matches will be played are going to be air conditioned, reducing the temperature inside the stadium to 20 Degree Celsius.


The cooling system will be combined with a roof which can be extended beyond the pitch to plazas outside the venue. In effect, they will  be oasis’ in the desert.

3) The World Cup, 2022 will be held in the months of November and December as against June-July. This is ideally the best time to visit Qatar.

The tournament is strategically scheduled in the winter during the months of November and December. The final match would be held on Qatar’s National Day, December 18.

4) Although Qatar is an Arab nation, it is truly a Cosmopolitan Nation that welcomes everybody to her Land.


Only 20% of the Qatar population constitutes the local population while the rest of the population are expats from all parts of the world. Therefore you’ll never find yourself lost in this beautiful nation.

5) Nine million work hours were registered in less than nine months in 2015 to build the infrastructure for the tournament. Not a single fatal casualty resulted, and there were only 5 injuries. A remarkable record. Qatar is really taking serious efforts to make the tournament a memorable one.

6) Home to many exotic locations such as Souk Wakif, Pearl Qatar and many more, it will be a treat to come to Qatar for the World Cup.


Your experience in the richest country of the world will not be limited to futuristic sky crappers and modern infrastructures but you can enjoy the tradition and culture of Qatar in destination such as Souk Wakif and much more.

7) Qatar is already adapting their laws to welcome football fans across the world and provide them an amazing experience. Of course, the FIFA World Cup is not about just watching matches, but its a celebration. The questions were raised by football fans all over the world – what’s the fun in having World Cup in a nation that doesn’t permit drinking? It is reported that each venue will have drinking zone in order to keep up the “spirit”.


8) Although Qatar is hosting FIFA for first time, it is not the first time Qatar has held big tournaments. In 2006, the country held Asian Games which took the tournament to another level altogether.


The tournament which was confined only to Asian countries witnessed a spectacular tournament with a grand opening ceremony which was witnessed by over 50,000 people. Asian games 2006 has posed a great challenge for subsequent hosts of the game, due to the huge standard set by Qatar.

9) Qatar Stars League is one of the oldest football league in Asia and biggest professional football league in Qatar. QSL was founded in 1963 and highest soccer league in Qatar, with the participation of 14 clubs. This is major event to quench the football fever of Qataris.

10) Qatar has committed to host the most environmently friendly tournament possible. Every venue of the tournament will be complying with nation’s zero carbon emissions campaign. The artificial cooling system used for the stadium will be using offsite solar farm which will in turn transfer the energy to cool down the stadium using a different mechanism. Has any other country ever come close to such environmental stewardship?

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