Why is this man the greatest threat to the International Medical Community?

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It is because he knows too much about the dark secrets of medical malpractice! His name is Wade Charles Ayer, in Wisconsin.

His solution: “The Surgical Black Box!” 

  • It will give surgery patients the option, the right, to have it recorded by audio and video, and all data can be entered into a court of law.

Now the powerful Hospital Association, AMA and Medical Insurance Lobbyists want Wade Ayer and his ideas shut down before his idea becomes popular in the general public.

Many people are dubbing this movement the “greatest patient safety bill in generations!”

How did this all begin?


  • Ayer created the Face Book page: National Organization for Medical Malpractice Victims. {NOMMA}  https://www.facebook.com/National-Organization-for-Medical-Malpractice-Victims-299362656863258/
  • He has been collecting data worldwide, and is making states’ legislatures across America and U.S. Congress very nervous. Why? Because he has formed an alliance of victims and family members that are seeking a change in law across the United States.
  • Because the organization is exploiting these cases to their local politician which is resulting and pitting their local elected official to go against their heavy campaign donors, the medical industry. Common sense dictates that this would be the end of their political career by siding with the change in medical laws such as the surgical Black Box. What the organization is claiming is that political figures are ignoring to meet with the victims. Why ignore? That would mean having to do something very uncomfortable like supporting the surgical black box. 
  • Ayer and his alliance are systematically sharing the bill across the U.S. to local State Legislatures. While doing so, pointing out along the way to the local media how cozy the relationship has been with the Hospital Associations and local State Legislatures.

Ayer, points out that there has been a real shift in movement lately, in that after pointing the obvious data that shows this unfair relationship to the local media, the media is now going after the state legislatures for “doing nothing!” http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article47067745.html


  • {NOTE} Medical Malpractice Doctors, Hospitals do not want their named associated or mentioned on their Facebook page. {NOMMV} They also have a shame wall that they are identifying politicians calling them the “DO NOTHING CLUB!” And these days many national media wheel houses seek this facebook page as a major media source for inputs on news stories.
  • In fact in 2013 U.S. Veterans complained to {NOMMV} about the quality and care at V.A. Hospitals. He brought this to the attention of his WI Senators and Congressman. In Ayer’s words; “they blew me off and basically was told to go away!”
  • In April 2015, Wisconsin introduced the first surgical black box bill in the United States. It was authored by (D) Christine Sinicki. Ayer has sought out Congress and handed them the bill so that it would apply to all V.A. Hospitals. Congressmen are on the run and hiding from making public comment or a position on the bill and acting like they don’t know anything about it, Ayer states.
  • Recently, the organization got Indiana to introduce the surgical black box bill. Only to two days after the bill was posted on the Indiana website, Indiana’s Chairman of Heath Cindy Kirchofer {h89@iga.in.gov} declared that bill would not go to hearing! State legislatures told the organization that it was clear that the lobbyist got to Mrs. Kirchofer before that bill was introduced to the public and directed to her to kill the bill before it gets media attention.

Ayer is warning the patient consumer that the current laws are extremely unfair in the event a surgery goes tragically wrong. “The victim or the victims’ families are locked out of the data to help support them or their family in a court of law. We are demanding that Congress listens to the victims and allows our input for real ideas for a change in laws! This tool would also give whistle blowers a real advantage and protection!”

Ayer went onto to say that Congressman & state political figures meet with him only in private without the media allowed. He is whisked into closed door meetings when arriving at town hall style assemblies. He believes it is due to his data and content and that the national media is tracking his progress.

 https://youtu.be/cqkd2l458w8  (Congress factually has the bill that can apply to V.A. hospitals)

Ayer also says it; “offers the Surgical Black Box as a solution. It offers transparency as the video shall match the medical record. The sequence of events will never lie or fade. Everything will be timed date and stamped, such as when people leave or enter the surgery room. Who gave what, when, where, how and how much and why!”

Ayer calls it after his sister – “The Julie Ayer Rubenzer Law”

In Indiana they are calling it “David Hassell Law”

Their goal is to name this bill in each state after a loved one who may have benefited from having audio and video recordings.

“The time has come in America for the Surgical Black Box.”….Wade Ayer

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