The Real Saul Berenson Has Spoken. Everyone Needs to Hear Him. Everyone.

December 22, 2015 5:40 pm 1 comment Views:

Quite different to how reality is depicted on Homeland. But boy, the real Saul, Mandy Patinkin, needs to be heard. Only a couple of minutes, but his words, quite simply, highlight the problem and solution today.

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  • Peopleist

    Too often the “humanity” in us shunts aside the self-reliance of others aimed at improving their lot in so we can feeling good about our selves. It is the height of wishful thinking, nay stupidity, to help those who will kill you. You and I and that person over there and that woman standing behind that kid by all means display and exercise our humanity and aid others in difficulties, AND we must NOT do it at the expense of usurping other’s inmate, inner Divinity to help themselves. The immigration issue is a version of “the Grass is Greener over there” … anti doesn’t need any work to get the benefits. The truth is the Grass is Greener where you till the soil and water the seed of betterment. What have THEY done to over throw millennia of “doing things the way of our fathers” … That sacrosanct “OUR” ways, resulting in perpetual servitude requiring them seek better lands and having found it, proceed to stubbornly retain their ways in antagonistic, irrational adherence of their stupidity. We didn’t do that, we threw out King George. Lest you think I’m anti-immigrant, or anti-poor, I’m an immigrant, AND i’m not rich. I embraced my new land and adopted these ways to become a member of the helpers not retain membership in the association of the helped. As for bombs, as long as “we” accept as valid economic premise of wealth, bombs will be more valuable than sentience sustenance, safety, shelter, schools, society or “grass.” We have the kind of government we have collectively chosen to accept through allowing our school system, allowing our politics, allowing our work-job”m based economics keeping each use away from participating in our governance save the 20min ritual at the annual church of the Polling place. Of course, Facebook, and twitter and pinterest et al is so much more important than the flowers of compassion, love and camaraderie. You want to solve the immigration problem – vote out anyone who’s been in government (elected or appointed or hired) more than 10 years. You want to solve the poor problem, vote out anyone in government (elected or appointed or hired) more than 10 years. You want to solve the two earner family, vote out anyone in government (elected or appointed or hired). You want to solve the bombs problem
    vote out anyone in government (elected or appointed or hired). You want to solve the TV fantasy problem don’t frequent nor support the non-heroes who cannily sing a note, or read dialog or chase a bal. You want to solve the money problem, remove your money from all financial institutions and cut your credit cards and buy when you’ve actually save the money to spend. You want a better world for “..such as these” stop supporting the priests of gods churches, stop supporting the priests of business, stop supporting theorists of do goddess, start doing your charity in persons face to face and give alms which include expecting the poor to help themselves more thane help them.