Schoolgirl Saved From Certain Death As Burqa-Clad Woman Pulls Her From Path Of Oncoming Train

August 14, 2015 8:49 pm 5 comments Views:

A schoolgirl has narrowly escaped death after a burqa-clad woman pulled her off the tracks of an oncoming train.

The incident occurred as the girl dropped what appears to be a hula hoop onto the tracks. CCTV shows her attempting to retrieve the toy, then struggling to climb back to safety as a train began to pull into the station.

As the train began to roll towards the child, a woman wearing a purple head-covering, ran over and pulled her from an almost certain death.

woman pulled from tracks

The girl was saved, moments away from a near death

No one was injured in the dramatic event.

The footage illustrates the dangers of trespassing onto railways and the video was released in line with a new campaign to keep people safe.

Sydney Trains Chief Executive Howard Collins said in a statement: “Trespassing on the tracks is a major issue.

“Every year around 4,000 people trespass on the tracks for a range of reasons from taking shortcuts to committing graffiti vandalism.

woman on train tracks

The school girl had dropped what appears to be a hula hoop onto the tracks

“We do as much as we can to keep our customers safe, including more than 10,000 CCTV cameras monitoring the network, station announcements and campaigns such as this one.”


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  • Viva Malta

    Is it of news value that she was wearing a Burqa?

    • lowecong

      What’s your problem with that? It just says a Burqa-clad woman, so what if she’s in one? The most important thing to note here is that she has saved a life…you could wear one or not, but are you willing to risk your life to save another?

      • Castelo Branco

        have you ever heard something like “woman wearing skirt saves a child”, “a man with a glass helps a person wearing a watch”, and so on? Viva Malta is right to complain. it’s pretty obvious that the author is giving a greater importance to the Burqa as he/she put it on the lead.

        • lowecong

          I hope you’d be in the similar situation one day and please do choose who your saviour might be….go jump in a lake….

          • dand

            Truth hurts dude