Student comes up with genius way to fund his way through uni (and he’s making $20,000 a week)

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Student is making £13,000 a week with a simple (and unoriginal) website

Richard, right, has already made more than $60,000 from the website (Picture: Richard Wilson)

University these days is essentially a place people go to get drunk and rack up a stupid amount of debt, however one savvy student is on track to leave University as a very wealthy man.

Richard Wilson is a 19-year-old Irish lad who is preparing to go to UCL in September to study business information systems.

He set up just two weeks ago for some extra money to help him buy all those ‘books’, and it has already made him over $60,000 (£40,000).

The site works by offering one million pixels for a dollar a piece that companies can buy to advertise themselves online.


If this sounds a little familiar, that is because it’s not an entirely original idea – in 2005 Alex Tew set up the Million Dollar Homepage under the same principle which quickly sold out, netting him $1 million.

Richard’s idea differs slightly because if he sells all of his pixels he plans to use some of the money to buy physical billboards in major cities to help promote the companies who bought into his marketing scheme.

He shouldn’t have much problem, as he is currently making about $20,000 (£13,000) a week from selling the pixels, with one advertiser buying 8,000 pixels in one go.

A person purchasing 8,000 Pixels is just unreal. That’s $8,000 in the space of 10 seconds. It’s a lot to take in,’ Richard said.

And what does he plan to do with all that cash once he leaves uni?

‘With the money left over I hope to build a non-profit organisation after university where I can work as a trustee but a lot of the money I earn will go back into providing a high quality service for customers that purchase pixels,’ he said.


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