Justin Timberlake Sings Happy Birthday To 8-Year-Old Fan With Autism

March 29, 2015 10:30 am 0 comments Views:

Justin Timberlake once again proved he has a heart of gold when he led 25,000 concert-goers in a rendition of “Happy Birthday” for an 8-year-old fan with autism this week.

Marika Rosenthal Delan and her husband attended Timberlake’s concert with their son Julian to celebrate his eighth birthday. When a group sitting in front of them overheard their reason for being there, they got the singer’s attention, and the rest is history. As Delan writes:

“Before we knew what was happening, the group in front of us that had turned out to be so incredibly kind all night to our birthday boy, and these gorgeous girls who I was convinced would be totally annoyed by Julian, had captured Justin’s attention. And then it happened. Justin Timberlake was singing Happy Birthday. They all were. The awesome grandmother of three sitting in front of us. The model-esque girls sitting to our right. The people sitting to our left that offered us the video that they captured of the whole thing. They were all singing. All 25,000 of them. And I swear the light in his eyes when this world of people began to sing was so bright it must have been what got my eyes so unexpectedly teary.”

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