What You’re Really Saying When You Tell Moms Not To Breastfeed In Public

March 28, 2015 3:58 pm 0 comments Views:

No one wants to eat in a bathroom, and babies shouldn’t have to, either. Yet that’s exactly where some nursing mothers turn when they’re shamed from breastfeeding in public.

Enter the “When Nurture Calls” campaign. Art students at the University of North Texas created a series of ads for a class project that show mothers breastfeeding in unsanitary, cramped bathrooms. The point? To drive home the idea that nursing women, and their babies, deserve better.

The students, Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro, designed the ads with the goal of drumming up support for HB 1706, a bill in the Texas state legislature that wouldprotect breastfeeding mothers from harassment and discrimination. While they don’t currently have the funding and support to produce the ads, they’re glad the images are going viral.

“It means we did our jobs right as art directors in creating a campaign that is getting real responses, and as students, it’s been a wonderful feeling,” Wenske told The Huffington Post.

when nurture calls 1

when nurture calls 2

when nurtur calls 3

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