Kevin Bacon Does Epic ‘Footloose’ Entrance On ‘The Tonight Show’ After Fallon Outlaws Dancing

March 28, 2015 10:23 am 0 comments Views:

When Jimmy Fallon announced that dancing had been outlawed on “The Tonight Show” Friday night, guest Kevin Bacon knew exactly what he had to do.

That is, create a super thorough, shot-by-shot remake of his iconic dancing scene from “Footloose,” then conclude it with a live group dance to the Kenny Loggins’ classic on stage at studio 6B.

What better way to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of “Footloose” hitting the big screen? And yes, it’s actually been 30 years since 1984.

Of course, Jimmy Fallon had no choice but to remove his ban on dancing after this epic performance. Watch the video above!


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