Wedding Trends That Need to Be Retired

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Every year the wedding rules seem to change, and while we love seeing certain trends stick around, there are ones that we just wish would go away. If you’re planning your big day right now, here are some trends that we feel just aren’t trendy anymore.

Cutesy favors that wind up in the garbage

If it’s not food or alcohol, no one actually wants it — but everyone will be pressured to take something home. If the couple does not have an attachment to something specific, then just nix the favor idea. No one will miss it. A nicer option to consider is to do a donation to a charity, but the charity should be personal to the couple. No need to give out anything other than a note saying that a donation has been made.

MCs that “get the party started”
There has been an influx of radio DJs being used at weddings. These DJs may play great music on the radio, but their personalities don’t translate well at a wedding. They aren’t great working with a timeline, and will frequently derail the timing of the entire event just to play music. This can have adverse affects on the food and the rest of the affair. Instead, work with a seasoned professional who works with events.

Club weddings
It’s one thing to want your guests to be in a relaxing and fun atmosphere, but it’s another to turn your reception into a nightclub. Bringing in lounge furniture, smoke machines and LED hi-tops are great for an after-party, but not appropriate for a reception. Guests need to have appropriate chairs and tables, and should be able to hold a conversation instead of competing with “fist pumping” music.

I love peonies, I even grow them in my garden. But they are all I see and all brides ask for. In the NJ, NY and PA area, their season is super short, and even when they are in season, they are extremely expensive. There are fabulous alternatives, but no one knows about them because everyone has peony fever. Instead, think roses, ranunculus, and dahlias.

This isn’t really a trend, but it does need to stop. Nothing good happens with a buffet, but many couples feel they are giving their guests a variety. What they are actually giving is a chance to stain their clothes, wait on a long line and get their food back to their table and have it be cold. If a bride truly wants the “mix and mingle” aspect of a buffet, consider a cocktail reception instead. Offer various stations and enough hand passed hors d’oerves so that guests never have to wait on line. Considering how much everyone favors cocktail hour, why not make that the entire wedding.

Chocolate fountains
It’s not cute. It’s not sanitary. It makes a mess. Every venue I have ever work with hates when this is requested of them. This is a recipe for disaster.

Why is Cirque de Solei at your wedding? Are you in the show? Did you get engaged at a performance? Why is some guy walking around in a bubble? It’s only cute if it means something to the couple. If it’s just to show off to your guests, I’d recommend the couple put their money towards something else. Performances also tend to stop the flow of the wedding and that’s no good.

Wedding gowns that look like lingerie

Not every bride wants the Cinderella ball gown, and many will choose to flatter their figure with something more form fitting. This doesn’t mean open back, fitted through the knees, plunging down to you-know-where. There are thousands of designers that offer countless design options that aren’t reminiscent of bedroom attire.

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