Even their photoshopping is rubbish!

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Have you heard the one about Dawud Walid?

Have you even heard of Dawud Walid?

I hadn’t until yesterday when the news of Britain First’s latest Facebook fail broke (thanks to ‘Exposing Britain First’ for making that clear).

Mr. Walid seems like a pretty fine bloke so far as I can tell. He’s a decorated veteran of the American Navy, a humanitarian and human rights activist. He’s also been decorated by two civil institutions for his work as a civil rights activist.
Yesterday Britain First photoshopped the sign he was holding in this picture, completely changing the meaning and message of this peace-loving, human rights worker. That was a really bad move. Mr. Walid has reported them to the police and the electoral commission. Hopefully he’ll sue.
Unsurprisingly Britain First has now removed the image from their Facebook and twitter streams but not before their libellous handiwork winged its way to racist’s computers both near and far. My thanks go to Brian Furth for this lovely little piece of reciprocal photoshopping…
Not content with the original travesty, this bunch of racist numpties from Bolton have gone even further. Not only have they invented a huge family for Mr. Walid they also claimed that this, employed AMERICAN is somehow dependent upon UK benefits to feed his fictional family.

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