Filmmaker challenges culture of ‘collective guilt’ by making ‘Dutch children apologise for terrorism’

February 8, 2015 1:02 pm 0 comments Views:

A new thought-provoking video from The Netherlands attempts to challenge the idea of “guilt by association” by getting children to apologise for recent acts of terrorism.

Shot by filmmaker Abdelkarim El-Fassi under the title #Letsunite, the video shows several young children being told they need to apologise for terrorist attacks committed by people from the same ethnic group.

In the film, a child wearing a Spider-Man costume is forced to apologise five times for crimes committed by Moroccans, while a blonde toddler is forced to say sorry for the actions of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

This is followed by one father telling his hat-wearing son that the Charlie Hebdo killers also wore hats and therefore he had to distance himself from the shootings and apologise on behalf of everyone who had ever worn a hat.

The video also deals with the consequences of “collective guilt”,showing how children’s identities and confidence can be damaged from this culture.


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