How to turn $1056 into $24,877.05 in one month!

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Martin had never ever won anything in his life. He always either lost or was second to last in every competition he entered. He did not do particularly well in school and definitely was not a sports enthusiast. He holds a dull office job making below average income and is by no means someone you would call a high achiever.

Six months ago he was introduced to a simplified trading platform from V8Options. The idea is that anyone can trade the financial markets in a safe, risk controlled way to see how well they do in gaining a profit while always having fun.

The way it works is to:

  1. Select An Asset.  This Can Be Gold, Google Shares, EUR/USD Currency Pair, Or The NASDAQ or any other  asset from over 100+ Assets.
  2. Select a Timeframe for the Investment to mature. Anything from 30 Seconds to a year! The most popular is the 60 second trades.
  3. Select if the price of the Asset will go UP or DOWN in that time frame.
  4. Select how much to Invest. You can select as little as $10 (price of a coffee) or as much as $2000 and hit TRADE.

 So simple that Martin, someone with absolutely no prior knowledge of trading thought to give a go. The great part for Martin was unlike other horror stories of financial markets trading systems, with V8Options he could never lose more than he invested and it didn’t matter if the price of the asset went up or down so long as he predicted correctly.

Martin deposited $500 into his V8Options account and started with 2 big trades of $100 each with payouts of 80% and 85%. “That first two trade was nerve wracking. I had no idea if I was making the right moves. Those 60 seconds where the most exciting of my week!” explained Martin. “Unfortunately, I lost both trades and my balance went down to $300! I was devastated. I made loads of trades for the next  45 minutes and although I won a few trades I lost a lot more to the point where I had only $10.56 in my account.”

At this point Martin had only one trade left. He chose Gold for 30 seconds, price to go Down in that time frame with a payout of 85% on his $10 investment. 30 Seconds later, he was up to $18.50. He did it again using the same system. Up this time again with 85% return on his $18 investment. He was up to $33.30. Within half a day Martin went from only $10.56 to over $6000.

“I couldn’t believe it. I finally started seeing the patterns in the charts. If anyone asked me to explain how it works I couldn’t explain it! But when I look at the graphs I can see exactly when to hit Up and when to choose Down. I still lose a few trades and it’s not a perfect win ratio all the time. But the idea is to win more than you lose. Just like life. I now have over $20,000 in my account with V8Options and I make more from this each month than I do from my job” said Martin.

We followed Martin to a BMW showroom where he was planning to put a deposit on a new 3 -Series. He also explained he had found a new confidence from trading and was plucking up the courage to ask out a girl he sees walk in regularly at his local coffee shop and was looking good to land a promotion at work.

“Thanks to the V8Options trading website, absolutely anyone can trade and make profits. If I can do it so can you!”


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