Trader turns £300 to £13,000 in less than 2 months!

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I rented a Merc during my stay in Vegas

What makes this story even more remarkable is that the 38 year old had never traded before. He had extremely limited knowledge of the financial markets. Yet within 2 months this remarkable man achieved financial freedom Since earning these huge profits, Daniel has been able to go on the holiday of a lifetime – 3 weeks in Las Vegas. “I have dreamed of this holiday for years” says Daniel. “I didn’t skimp on anything. I rented a Mercedes, flew a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, stayed at an amazing hotel and ate at the best restaurants”.

How did he do it? Not by buying and selling stock of well-known blue chips, or sexy tech company shares. Nor did he place his investment in the hands of an experienced trader, advisor of fund. Instead, Daniel kept complete control of his money at all times. He earned his profit using a revolutionary online trading broker, which enabled him to place successful after successful trade in the space of seconds.

“With the v8Options trading platform, I have been able to trade easily and can consistently enjoy an 80% success rate on my trades”, Daniel Campbell

Daniel had £300 put aside. Frustrated with how long it was taking to save up, he decided to try make the most out of what he already had, so he started to look for ways to invest and earn from the money.

“I then started to look at a lot of supposed ways to make money online. There seemed to be a lot of scams out there. Thanks to an experienced friend I didn’t fall into any of them. Then a friend of mine suggested I trade binary options. After looking into it seemed like a great idea – trading on the financial markets, but in a simplified way that allows short term trades and fast rewards. That is when I came across v8Options“.

Co-piloting a helicopter over
the Grand Canyon

Holiday of a lifetime.
“I finally got to enjoy my dream
holiday in Las Vegas” said Daniel

“These days I usually spend up to about an hour a day trading. That seems to be enough for me to make more than any monthly salary I could earn in a full time job. The great thing with trading is that I can do it wherever I am. My local coffee shop, at the Metro, from my couch…mornings or evenings. The flexibility it allows is fantastic.

So, how did Daniel actually make so much money?

“I first invested £300. I succeeded on my first 2 trades, and lost on my third. I’ve since been occasionally winning and lossing some trades, but the rewards of 80% returns in minutes are far higher than I could get anywhere else – certainly when comparing to the 0.5% my bank gives me! I’ve decided to start trading slightly larger amounts and I deposit more money monthly – usually £300-500 / $500-800.

There were occasions where it seemed to me like a particularly good opportunity, e.g. when Tesco has been falling recently, in which case I up the amount being traded.”

Daniels’s strategy paid off. After 1 week he had traded around £2,000, with an initial deposit of only £300 / $500. By one month he had traded more than £7,500. Daniel’s success is amazing, but not unique. More and more traders seem to be using online platforms to place trades. Trading v8options online has opened up the world of trading to those with less capital, or shorter timescales. And after all, who isn’t looking for an easy, and quick way to earn money, and lots of it!?

“It’s fair to say that v8Options changed my life for the better. It has no effect on my earnings if more people use v8Options, so I have no problem to recommend this trading tool to others who are looking to make their money work for them”.

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