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As a single parent, the biggest challenge is finding the hours in the day to get everything done. After the birth of my third child, I had to give up my full time job in order to care for the kids. But of course, the costs went up, not down. I was facing the huge challenge that most single parents face. How can I earn a great salary, and still have time to look after my children?


Fortunately I found a fantastic way to work from home, which has literally enabled me to turn my financial situation (and life) around. While I’m sure lots of people earn £4,000+ a month, not many of them do it in just a few hours a day. That is what really makes this the ideal and best possible solution for a time pressed mum like me. Nowadays, I’m not just earning the money I need to achieve the lifestyle I want for my children, but I actually have the time to live it too.

So, how did I do it? There is no big secret to my success. I was sitting at the computer looking for a job when I stumbled across the v8Options. From the moment I started using this money making tool, I was generating generous profits.

Yes, I was a little skeptical at first. There are many scams around on the internet, but this however seemed to be a bit different. It was free, and I could only find positive reviews about it. I could see it was linked to online trading, so I checked with some friends who I know regularly trade online, and they recommended that I try it out. I deposited just £300 and within 20 minutes I had signed up, made several trades, and doubled my initial investment.

How does it work? The v8Options gives users extremely reliable and easy to use platform, that provides complete risk control and enables them to make successful trades on binary options. It is free to sign up and demo trade, no download is needed and no commitment is required. Notably, this trading tool is so easy to use someone like me that has never traded before can use and succeed.

I have asked friends who trade online to find out why everyone isn’t using this. “Most likely they just don’t know about it”, is the response. The great thing about the v8Options is it works!

The huge returns of over 85% make it the fastest way to make cash. Trades can be for as short a period as 30 seconds so making time to trade is never an issue! Over 100 assets to trade with like Google share, Gold price or EUR/USD in an incredibly fast, simple and reliable environment where you know you can never ever lose more than you decide to risk.

After I doubled my money, I made the decision not to touch my original investment again, and I didn’t need to. Thanks to the support I received from the v8Options, more than 8 out of 10 of my trades were successful. I have been trading with v8Options for more than three months now, generating more than 10,000 Pounds so far. Enough monthly income to not only pay my monthly bills, but also to pull myself out of debt and even start saving!

So dear readers, there you have it. Everyone deserves a break, which is why I’m sharing this with you. I’m so excited for the future. I can finally afford to give my children a decent quality of life, and I am even saving to take us all on a holiday. The v8Options easy to use trading platform has changed my life and I absolutely recommend it to anybody who wants to make money quickly and easily.

Here’s how to get started:
Step 1 Open an account with the v8Options.

Step 2 Make a deposit of minimum £150 to get started.

Step 3 Start making money using the v8Options.

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