Ever wanted to feel like a City Trader and make huge payouts in quick time?

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Ordinary people who would have never dreamt of trading the Financial Markets are now able to get a real taste of what it’s like to Trade over 90 Assets such as currencies, commodities, shares or indices thanks to a revolutionary Trading platform from 24 Option.

With accounts available for as little as £150 ($250), anyone can now profit from rises and falls in anything from the price of the Dollar, shares in IBM, the FTSE or Gold while always secure in the knowledge that they can never lose more than they put in and if they get it right, then the payouts can be as huge as 318%.

So how does it work?

The trader makes 4 simple choices:

1. Pick an Asset from over 90 available on the Trading platform. Such assets include Gold, Google

Shares, EUR/USD currency pairs and indices like the FTSE;

2. Pick a time frame such as 60 seconds, 15 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Choose any amount to invest in the trade. This can range from $5 to $2000 per trade, with no limits on how many trades you make.

4. Predict if the price of this Asset will go UP or DOWN in that time frame.

Where’s the catch!?

One of the major benefits of 24 Option, is that you can never lose more than you deposit. There is no Asset risk and the worst case scenario is you don’t win on your prediction. However, in order to win more than lose and enjoy this fun way of home trading there are a few tips we managed to get from City traders who trade Billions of pounds worth every day.

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Trading Psychology

In order to make profits in Binary Options, you will need to have the correct mindset as with any type of trading. The psychology of a Trader is key to his success. Sticking to a strategy is key to being successful and not falling victim to your own emotions. Most traders whether they trade FOREX or Binary Options will admit that at times they misjudged a situation and let their hearts rule their minds. The discipline is to make sure you are always in control. The Binary Options Trader is already at an advantage to most other Traders, in that Binary Options offer the highest control levels available, so the key to controlling a Trade apart from Market Conditions, lies solely at the hands of the Trader and their mental state.

Capital Management

It is vital to have some kind of capital management strategy. We all want to make profits however, to enjoy the experience we must also be prepared to make losses. Capital management is designed to make sure that no single Trade can impact your portfolio to the extent that you cannot recover again.

Event Based Trading

Whether you like to believe it or not, the financial market is driven by global events and news. Currencies fluctuate, stocks rise, commodities fall in price and indices can get whipped out in the space of minuets if there is a significant enough global event. The experienced Trader will keep one eye on the Trading Platform and one eye on global events to make the most of any given development and be able to react fast enough to it. Once a Trader does some homework on a given Stock, Commodity, Index or Currency they will know what will affect it.

The smart trader will know that if war was to break out in an oil producing country, then the price of oil will almost certainly go up due to possible supply shortages. However, a smarter Trader will also know that stock in Air travel companies may also be impacted as the cost of oil going up may have detrimental effect on such companies prices.

The more you Trades the Market and more exposure you gain the more developed your senses will become. You will be able to react to news items quickly and profit from all scenarios. It takes time and some effort to do your homework on what affects certain global or news events have on the market however, the rewards are endless once you know what to look for and when to invest in what.

To find out more or to begin trading in this safe environment visit 24 Option.


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