The 24 Option Trading Revolution is here

September 12, 2014 11:20 am 0 comments Views: 200

In order to Trade the Financial Markets and profit from rises and falls in Currencies, Shares, Commodities or indices, you would first need to be a highly paid and cocky individual with an Essex hairstyle or so was the perception until 24 Option was introduced. 

Anyone with any level experience can make profits from the financial markets simply by predicting if the price of any given asset will go UP or Down in 60 Seconds. The payouts are upwards of 318% and the trader can trade knowing they can never lose more than they put in.

Accounts can be opened with 24 Option for as little as $250 and any trade can be executed for anything between $5 to $2000.


The way trading works on the 24 Option Trading Platform is simple;

The trader makes 4 simple choices:

1. Pick an Asset from over 90 available on the Trading platform.  Such assets include Gold, Google Shares, EUR/USD currency pairs and indices like the FTSE;

2. Pick a time frame such as 60 seconds, 15 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Choose any amount to invest in the trade. This can range from $5 to $2000 per trade, with no limits on how many trades you make.

4. Predict if the price of this Asset will go UP or DOWN in that time frame.

If the Trader is correct, then they walk away with large profits on investment ranging between 72% to a staggering 318%. Not bad for a 30-60 seconds work!

Even if the movement is no more than 1 tenth of pip up or down, the 24 Option Trader makes the maximum payout or lose only that which the Trader has invested in that one Trade. The 24 Option Trader will never be in a negative equity position where they are in debt to the Broker.

Unlike FOREX trading which involves the Trader having to master countless tools and strategies and keep records and tabs on spreads, stop-loss, leverage, margins, interest rates, hidden costs of the Broker, while at all times baring in mind that they will only make profits on how severe the pip movements are, 24 Option traders need only focus on the Asset moving in one of two directions.

With tools like Social Trading, where you can see what trades others are making and whether they are winning or loosing, you have  an added layer of real social intelligence to inform trades. 24 Option Traders are able to exploit the markets with latest technologies all simplified and accessible even to the most IT novice. That is why, it’s being hailed as a revolution!

To learn more about how 24 Option are revolutionising the industry or to open an account, 24 Option for exclusive rates for World Observer readers.

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