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Test this against the next interview you hear or watch from an Israeli sympathizer or a government spokesperson.

1. We haven’t heard reports of deaths, will check into it;

2. The people were killed, but by a faulty Palestinian rocket/bomb;

3. OK we killed them, but they were terrorists;

4. OK they were civilians, but they were being used as human shields;

5. OK there were no fighters in the area, so it was our mistake. But we kill civilians by accident, they do it on purpose;

6. OK we kill far more civilians than they do, but look at how terrible other countries are!

7. Why are you still talking about Israel? Are you some kind of anti-semite?

By Adam Johannes, Secretary, Cardiff Stop the War Coalition

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  • R.C. Christian

    The Muslims are now beheading Christians. Do you really think they are going to stop at Christians? If you are anything but a Muslim, you can convert to Islam or die. These savages cannot be reasoned with. Look it up for yourselves.

  • Moshe Levy

    Dear ADAM !!! Do you know that your name in Hebrew means “Human” ? Are you ?
    As to your wise and just remarks, I take the blame for it all.
    1) Yes, we caused all death reports and of PLO officials killed by Hamas as well.
    2) Hamas did not fire any rockets at all, it is all our fire.
    3) We killed all peace lovers in Hamas the humanitarian ORG. Shame on us.
    4) No, they are all peaceful civilians as all Hamas fighters are.
    5) We saw civilians only and we are after them as no media will cover the death of Hamas peaceful terrorists (They do not exist)
    6) Killing civilians is the best know Israeli sport ever and we try to be the best in the world in this sport but have great competition from the Germans, Russians, Turks, USA, Syria, Holland, Polish, French, and ISIS dame them.
    7) Please keep talking about us as much as you can no mater what you say about us just spell our name correctly PLEASE !!!