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The onslaught by Israel on Gaza has led to condemnation throughout the world with Bolivian president describing Israel as a ‘terrorist state’ and a former British deputy Prime Minister accusing Israel of committing ‘war crimes’.

Here are 12 proofs that Israel has carried out war crimes by targetting the civilian population in Gaza.

1. When they targetted homes…

Gaza Home

gaza home 2

2. …And killed children playing on a beach.

gaza beach

3. When they struck vehicles belonging to journalists…


4. And the UN…

gaza un vehicle 2

gaza UN vehivle

5. When they destroyed ambulances…

gaza ambulance 2

6. Attacked paramedics…


7. …And bombed places of worship

mosque 2


8. When an Israeli sniper killed this unarmed man looking for survivors…

gaza civilian

gaza civilian 2

9. …And when this power station was destroyed.

gaza power station

10. When they bombed this centre for disabled children…

gaza disabled centre for children

11. …this hospital…

hospital 3

hospital 2


12. …and this school.


gaza school

We call on the international community to bring Israel to justice and stop it from committing war crimes against a defenseless civilian population.

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  • voidist

    is this paper fincanced by hamas ?

    • Marie

      Wow…after seeing all that wanton death and destruction, that’s all that you can say? You are a sick individual…indeed!!!

      • voidist

        ohh dear…These anti .semites….
        how about your ISIS friends ethnic cleansing christians…
        in iraq…..to start with….and then off course your friends in
        Afghanistan blowing up shias in thousands and your
        Saudi arabian friends who financed the genocide of
        africans in Sudans in 100s of thousands….
        you are one sick individual Mary….real sick…are you
        hamas marie ?

        • Marie

          What exactly is the point of your statement? There are many evil groups in the world? ..absolutely…just want to make sure you don’t forget to include the vile Zionists who have been oppressing and massacring the Palestinians for over 60 years in that list!

          Might I add, the content of your comments show you to be quite an ignorant person. I can almost imagine eyes bulging and foaming at the mouth as you were typing your comment!

          • voidist

            in other words you cant answer my question….
            mouth foaming…etc…lol ..what a Clown you are marie !
            or is it mahmood ?

          • Marie

            Yep…still foaming I can see. Name calling is what ignorant folks do when they don’t have a rational argument. Thanks for proving my point…my work is done !

          • voidist


          • Sama Zaina

            I was addressed by another person who had no argument but to say that we hate Jews or Israel and I had no chance to reply but I will here
            No I do not hate Jews or Israel and this is not why I am against what Israel is doing or what it stands for but I will list why I want to love Israel
            I love Israel for occupying my land by force and making me live a miserable life
            I love Israel for giving my children a childhood with no childhood
            I love Israel for treating me badly
            I love Israel for stealing my land
            I love Israel for making Palestinians live in segrwgated cities just like blacks used to be treated in South Africa
            I love Israel for leaving my teenage children live with no hope
            I love Israel for killing children in Gaza and all over the West Bank
            I love Israel…..I love Israel I can find a million reasons
            Does this mean that Jews have to love Hitler ?????????
            The people being my Palestinian parents who had passports saying that taught me to love all people and my enemy but the World taught me to hate Hitler and Israel and USA are requesting that I do not hate Israel
            Hitler tortured and killed Jews and was about to start with Arabs but for how many years??????
            I have been tortured and children and people I know killed by Israelis since I was born in 1954
            Now I am quite confused and do not know who I should love and who to hate

        • Sama Zaina

          I am so happy that you have realized that the Israeli army is the same as ISIS thanks voidist

          • Chanah Robinsky

            I am so happy to inform you that you are a sick sick person thinking that isis and IDF have anything in common

        • Are U Listening

          Ohh do you mean the ISIS that is funded by Israel and USA. I mean was it that USA were supposed to go to these places to create peace and yet more death and destruction has happened. Hmm interesting you forget that. Also Saudi are sell outs and do not even look after their own Arab people your argument is invalid. You know nothing. All you Zionists use is Hamas this and Hamas that when your the cowards killing pregnant women and children absolutely pathetic.

        • DustonBarto

          The logic of a Zionazi… if you are against the murder of people by Israel then you must automatically support the murder of other people by another group. Such hyperbolic idiocy.

          ZioNazis are so PRO MURDER that they can’t imagine that there are so many people in the world that are against all forms of massacre, no matter who the victim and perpetrator are.

  • Sama Zaina

    I do suggest that we discuss this as intelligent mature people otherwise there is no point

  • Sama Zaina

    Hamas is not your enemy…you are opposed by all peace seeking people among which there are Jews and Palestinians are not all Hamas, only they are the strongest fighters against inhumanity or occupation at the time being

  • stopkillingeachother

    PEACE,for all our sake!PEACE!Does this look like fun?Does anyone see justice here? or wanton destruction?!!This,for you moronic trolls is rhetorical (you needn’t answer the question,merely think upon it).

  • Vijay

    okay.. so what does Israel do??? watch Palestinians bomb them?? its a well known fact that Israel use anti-rockets to protect its citizens while Palestinians use its children to protect its rockets.. this is an article by a Muslim who will unconditionally support another Muslim.. and the aggressor is then painted as a victim

    • anon

      So you are a Zionist and pro-Nazi giving unconditional support to Israel.anyways you don’t know that this is the oldest conflict of the world.Ignorant guys like you shouldn’t be commenting.

  • atijals

    War is war, missiles may be fired where your target is. If the people of gaza choose to harbor terrorists in their homes, schools, mosques etc… then this is the result. Israel has every right to strike the enemy wherever they… unfortunate strategy on part of Hamas…!! War is war… Hamas blatantly kills Israelis all over !!

  • Nidza

    Somehow people do not care how gruesome the killing is, but only who was killed and why. To some people anyway. The jewish people is a peaceful one, the problem is, and has always been, their government. A handful of racist, agressive and powerful individuals is aching to obliterate every single palestinian citizen. It is pretty clear from their quotes on the subject, please google them, don’t take my word for it. Their words echo those of former german officials about 70 years ago. Their actions confirm what they believe. No one here is approving the horrific launching of rockets by hamas. It is as awful as it is useless. The problem is, how do you make israel leave? When the international police namely the united nations say israel must go but they don’t, how do you get your land back?
    The leitmotiv on all these forums is “an eye for an eye” from the pro israelis. Great one for peace, bravo guys, then you can pose further as victims and complain that no one likes you. Yes hamas is really dumb to launch rockets but i am almost tempted to say: what else can they do? The answer is: nothing. 1. They tried international law. Well good luck with that, the united nations, being the joke that they are, cannot even enforce their own resolutions. 2. Appealing to the international community. This had some effect, the internet and a few rare media that are not controlled by pro israelis echoed the distress call of the palestinians. 3. Create a palestinian state. Only sweden recognised it, and a few other countries unofficially supported the move. 4. Filing with the united nations. Rejected, see number 1 Above. 5. Join the international criminal court. Now this one must have hit a nerve because their enemy is clearly upset about it and threatens to retaliate. Wow, easy there nathan yahoo, keep it in the holster, they just filed documents, so what are you afraid of? Your soldiers? Hold on, i am getting confused here. You and your goons, and the students you have admitted to pay in order to “fight antisemitism” who are reading these lines keep repeating that you and your mates did nothing wrong. If your conscience is clear, go along with it, invite un experts in the field so they can confirm that your people are the victims in this conflict. No. So you have chosen to add fuel to the fire, announcing that a possibly violent reaction will take place. Now i am no palestinian, nor muslim but frankly this attitude speaks volumes about this government’s fear to appear or even be proven guilty of crimes. Crimes they have commited and so has hamas. However nothing is official and why is that? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the usa do everything they can to protect israel? How many pro israelis, jewish or not, control key positions in the usa or their allies? Did the pro israelis not elect barrack obama via the banks campaign money, banks which they themselves own? Does the usa congress not officially send at least 3 billion dollars to israel each year? Did they not “lose” plutonium to israel years ago, so that israel could acquire unauthorised, but very real nuclear weapons?
    Israel, i know your neighbour is a pain in the butt, but try this instead, don’t swat the mosquito with napalm. Ignore it, file a report, send some damning evidence to the un, put it on the internet, get sympathy for a change. You are safe, you know that. Who is crazy enough to attack you now that you have nukes ? Stop moaning about being a victim, and if you think you are one, prove it. Show it, we will read. If you are not ready to leave palestine yet, then make one step forward n the right direction: stop settlements. Then we move on to the next step. You never know, it might work. Good luck.