Manchester United make history with ‘inspirational’ new signing

August 15, 2014 6:36 pm 0 comments Views: 15606

(Sohail Rehman on Twitter)

Manchester United make history with ‘inspirational’ new signing

It is not every day that a huge club makes a groundbreaking signing, but that is exactly what has happened at Old Trafford – all while making one young man’s dream come true.

Manchester United have hired an important new member of staff in Sohail Rehman, who has become the first ever wheelchair-bound football coach at professional level.

Rehman, after a stint working in Sunday league football, has become a coach of elite footballers after having gained his badges.

The 22-year-old, who hails from Keighley in Yorkshire, has been signed up by United to work specifically with the club’s academy. It is a crucial role that Rehman will adopt, looking after the young players of the future and coaching the potential stars of the next generation.

“Big thanks to David Moyes,” Sohail told the Telegraph and Argus. “I did a coaching session at United and after that he was basically saying how impressed he was with me. He wanted to get me on board with the club – he started everything off.”

A United spokesman said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Sohail to Manchester United, his determination to reach a unique role in football is an example to us all.

“In the face of great adversity Sohail has shown that hard work and determination counts for everything in overcoming obstacles. Since coming to the training ground, everyone at Manchester United has welcomed Sohail with open arms.”

Club legend Nicky Butt said: “It is an amazing achievement and speaking to him he comes across as a young man who knows what he wants to achieve.

“It is magnificent now that he will be sharing these great qualities with young players of the future and I am sure they will be inspired by all that he has achieved.

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