Dark sky over Evington mosque lit up by a rainbow

August 15, 2014 6:16 pm 0 comments Views: 520

Perfect symmetry:  A rainbow seems to cast an arc of light over  the mosque on Evington Road, in Leicester

A beautiful rainbow over the dark sky of Leicester has provided a captivating image.

This photograph was taken outside Masjid Umar mosque, in Evington Drive, Leicester, about 7.30pm on Monday by Mercury photographer Alex Hannam.

He said he liked the symmetry in the picture and how it captured the rainbow directly above the mosque.

“I knew there would be a rainbow because behind me it was sunny and in front of me it was dark,” said Alex.

Today, the weather is set to be cloudy until lunchtime followed by afternoon sunshine.

However, tomorrow, sunny spells mixed with outbreaks of rain could create more rainbows.

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