US, Israel facilitate ISIL advance in Iraq: Analyst

August 13, 2014 8:08 pm 0 comments Views: 562

A political analyst says the US, Israel and their Western allies have facilitated the advance of the ISIL militants in Iraq by providing “direct assistance” to the Takfiri terrorists, Press TV reports.

In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, Mark Glenn, a US-based author and journalist, described the ISIL Takfiri militants as “wild dogs” created at the hands of the Western and Israeli spy agencies to wreak havoc on Iraq.

Glenn highlighted the quick advances made by the ISIL Takfiris in some parts of Iraq and said, “The question mark in all of this is how quickly they would be advancing were it not for the direct assistance…that this group has gotten from the United States, Israel and other Western powers?”

The analyst further pointed to a decision by the US to take “limited” military action in Iraq, stressing that “Washington’s intentions are never genuine” as the US is always “planning to take something from you” when it offers help.

Iraq descended into a fresh wave of violence after the ISIL Takfiri militants took control of large swathes of the Arab country in early June.

Over the past days, the US military has carried out airstrikes on the positions of the ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

In June, American news website WorldNetDaily (WND) quoted unnamed Jordanian officials as saying that US military instructors trained ISIL Takfiri militants at a secret base in Jordan in 2012.

The WND further reported that, according to a source in contact with a high official in the Iraqi government, the United States had also been aware for two months that the ISIL group was training fighters in Turkey.

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