Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory

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Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory. McDonald’s history is not a good one, and fast food restaurants already are known to have a lot of mystery ingredients, but this tops the list.  Previously we brought you a report that detailed disturbing audio admissions by a man that claimed McDonald’s uses human meat as a filler in their 100% beef hamburgers and the fact


that McDonald’s has been accused of using worm meat fillers.  Now, inspectors have allegedly found human meat and horse meat in the freezer’s of an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory. Human meat was also recovered in several trucks that were on their way to deliver the patties to the fast food restaurants. According to various reports, authorities have inspected factories and restaurants across the country and have found human meat in 90% of the locations. Horse meat was found in 65% of the locations. FBI agent Lloyd Harrison told Huzler reporters, “The worst part is that it’s not only human meat, it’s child meat. The body parts were found across the US factories and were deemed too small to be adult body parts. This is truly horrible”.

Cannibalism has gone back tens of thousands of years and is still present today. In 2013 a North Korean man was executed for killing his children for food. Today there are a few tribes that still believe in eating human flesh as a cultural practice. Here in America, people have obsessed about eating human meat such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish. We have labeled them mentally ill. To be in denial that this type of thing does not happen, would be foolish. Now the customers of McDonald’s fast food restaurants want answers! How long have they been using this human meat? Where did they get the children from? Were they already dead when brought into the factories? Authorities hope to have all of these questions answered as they thoroughly investigate all facilities. Get healthy fast by avoiding these fast food restaurants all together

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  • paulhogan

    Is human meat unhealthy? Get healthy fast, what does that mean? Is everyone unhealthy who eats in a fast food restaurant? More information please.

    • dligac

      well obviously fast food is not healthy at all

    • VonGothique

      Well, considering that cannibalism is seen as a mental illness and highly unethical.
      How much salt, fat, sugar and little nutrition their food contains and by looking at how obesity is growing into one of America’s biggest health issues as many looove their cheap, fast, salty meat.. Oh, this unhealthy habit of stuffing ourselves without knowing what we really eat is sadly spreading worldwide…
      No, I’m happy making food myself thanks!

      • Dorothy-Jane King

        The rest of this article is bullshit, but most forms of cannibalism have actually been practices of funereal cannibalism, and it is a great honor to the dead – who’ve died naturally, or from wounds, not disease, and not killed for the meat. Some have historically eaten their enemies after battle (predominantly men), but in the common case (up until about fifty years ago, it was a waning practice, now it’s gone, because of the risk of contracting kuru) – it is done as a mark of respect to the deceased, and the whole tribe gets involved, with children fed first as the women prepare the meat. The men are fed last. Cannibalism in this category can hardly be seen as a mental illness, or unethical.

        • F Jews

          Great honour?? You are a freak, for it is sick to the bone with no exceptions. Your sick mind tries to rationalize it. So you must be a Jew or another inferior cannibal!

          • gene

            You can tell by the context that he meant “considered” a great honor.

  • Clint

    No names mentioned, no date given, not even the exact branch of the restaurant nor the address. Is the source of this information reliable? is this information even true or just a black propaganda?

    I’m sure people are smarter than this.

    • Jaeyun John Noh

      Unfortunately, people are not as smart as you may think they are…
      Remember when Steven Spielberg’s photo with ‘dead’ Triceratops angered people?

      • Thetruth

        Yes unfortunately they’re not, they actually believe it’s NOT true and will continue to eat it. Do some research people!

    • The truth

      Some people are just in denial and will continue to eat from there anyway. People need to do their own research. This is not the first time this has been said but no one listens or better yet, some crazy people don’t care.

    • fed up

      what about the propaganda that keeps people eating this GARBAGE

  • AllenMan

    As expected of the Media. Many of those are Fabricated Lies… I commend the author for being one of the best Liars in mankind’s history…

  • Anthony Galloway


    • Jeremy

      Indeed. The news came from a site called Huzlers, which is not a real news site, as people there make up these fake news stories to prank their friends.

  • Angry Dude

    WTF. Prove it. Give some evidence to support the accusations. I agree with Mr. Allenman that this are fabricated lies. Or so called Bullshit.

  • Hatefakes

    If this is true, why is McDonalds still open for business??? The media is really full of crap

    • NHDavie

      You use the word “Media” way to loosely, this crap is more akin to satire.

  • MyCheer Cheerfulness

    That’s not human meat, human having so many ribs??.so funny of this story look at the meat ribs

    • etuason1978

      it also stated horse meat buddy.

    • Sarah

      Its just a stock photo…they wouldve just picked any old photo of meat…

    • There is NO reference anywhere that the side of ribs being cut was child meat. How did YOU reach that conclusion, Inspector?

  • Dhan

    I agree with Clint, without any solid-proof of evidence and just some accusations, it could result in serious repercussions.

  • Jane doe

    well if people who eat human meat are considered mentally ill it explains the behavior of our government and its allies in parts of this world.
    mentally ill and political impotent
    Happy that Mc donald stiil have no outlet here

  • Timbuktu & Kiribati

    . . . reality is, how do we separate the chaff from the grain? . . . the noise from the message? . . . with the internet both good news and bad news spread very quickly, regardless . . .

  • Joono

    It’s so absurd it’s quite obviously a hoax. Surprising many seem to believe it.

  • Blitzgirl

    It’s in the internet so it must to be true!

  • anan

    some othercompany wants totake down mcdonalds… dont post fucking fake news

  • Jim Rock

    guess the liberals cant buy mcdonalds stock, so they’ll try and make it worthless for those that do.
    meanwhile, 97% of yahoo readers today bought their lunch at the competitors and have no problem picking the bits of toilet paper out of their taco “meat”

  • CarolPorter

    Notice the grammatical errors in this report? “Freezers” (plural) spelled “freezer’s” (possessive)?

    • jojo

      Notice your grammatical error. Citing one example yet writing errors (plural)

  • pudge fresh meat

    well i love human meat taste like spam and bacon and high quality meat also have lot protien ^_^

  • MAL


  • kemethai

    Everyone can put their quote like that… not being get sue?

  • oli

    Crap like this just distracts from the real reasons why McDonalds are an evil corporation. There’s no need to beleive in crap when the true facts make it perfectly clear how bound they are.

  • Thatoneguy

    Oh my God!! XD I can’t even…hahaha It’s to fake… XDDDD

  • XD

    duh, whatever

  • Tim Tempest

    damn fake news

  • rei

    why are there so many people bombarding mcdonalds? it’s not the only fast food chain in the world you know.

  • dstudie

    This is just nothing but a pack of lies written by someone with an agenda. Probably a leftist fascist who got fired from McDonalds or couldn’t get a job there. Don’t believe it for a second.

  • dstudie

    You’ve got to remember, the World Observer is a leftist propaganda rag. There is no truth here, only made up garbage.

  • Guest

    also take B vits… 1-6-12

  • gamer boy


  • khay

    why this writer want to break the name of mcdonald’s? what is your purpose to break the name of mcdonald’s? you are absolutely fake, using fake pictures. Are you happy now with this comments?

  • Paul Chapman

    This story was brought to you by Burger King.

    • Mukhtar

      so true!!

  • Moshe Levy

    Well, my father the naturalist may he rest in peace (Passed away at the age of 94) would say that “to each his own” Humans are animals as all the rest so why not use the meat and not let it rotten and be food for ants?
    The only problem is that humans die mostly at old age (meat not good) and dead young humans are hard to find unless you kill them first.
    So we face here the greatest crimes of all times. CIA? NSA? FBI? MOSAD? KGB? NKVD? M5? M6? INTERPOL? WHERE ARE YOU ALL ???
    Wait, hold your horses, can it be a mad man telling us bad stories using the WORLD OBSERVER clever guys???

    • Bud, they can’t hold their horses……..the horses went into the grinder first, then the unruly little bastards next!

  • Shambhu Dutta

    Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory:Why
    these Multi-National Food Chain are flourishing every where ??? Think, because
    of breaking of joint-family system and rise of nuclear-family, maximum people
    do not have time to prepare fresh home made food for themselves, they depend on
    these food-chains companies and these companies are exploiting the compulsion
    of the people. But various regulator of the countries, are not performing their
    duties to keep check on these companies.

  • Shambhu Dutta

    Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory: Why
    these Multi-National Food Chain are flourishing every where ??? Think, because
    of breaking of joint-family system and rise of nuclear-family, maximum people
    do not have time to prepare fresh homemade food for themselves, they depend on
    these food-chains companies and these companies are exploiting the compulsion
    of the people. But various regulator of the countries, are not performing their
    duties to keep check on these companies.

  • anados

    worldobserveronline isn’t a “liberal” rag, it’s a muslim rag. Look it up on whois. It’s based in the UK and the admin is Slaam, which means peace in arabic. Or maybe it is a thinly disguised Russian disinformation rag, since it’s the Russians who are currently trashing McDonalds. In any case, everything published on the site is intended to deceive the unwary. Very sick stuff.

  • Dick Clark

    I don’t believe a word of this garbage! Too few specifics and NO verifiable facts! Desperation for attention/readership/ratings is a strong motivator, especially when you publish items so vague that no one can ever follow up on your lies!

  • Scott Burkhart

    I sure could go for a burger right now anyone else wanna join me?

  • Pitbulldog

    People will go to extremes just to find a way how to drag down those who have gone up higher than them. That is the greedy world of business.

  • Jeremy

    McCannibalism: I’m not loving it

  • Just A Horse

    So, what EXACTLY is wrong with horse meat? Is it unhealthy? Or, is it just that Americans find it “unethical” to consume, because we treat horses as pets? I think that fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, would avoid selling horse meat all together, simply because it’s probably much more expensive than cow meat. Serving horse meat in your burger for $1.99 would probably be a lot more expensive than just making it out of beef, right?

    • Hamlet

      I love Human meat… so yum yum ….

  • sarah

    None of this is true. These people have nothing better to do but make up lies…

  • swag

    says a mc donald worker

  • swag

    @clint is clint reliable? he could be the mc donald worker

  • swag

    trying to cover up some mystery

  • ( . )( . )

    ha! some people would write anything to put down legitimate and honest giant businesses so that their own cans can exist. Sickening!

  • Roundy

    To have human meat in 95% of McD’s outlets and not one person blow the whistle, that is highly unlikely. story is hogwash…

  • Dipak Bose

    I will not be surprised if McDonalds in Korea, China, and Korean Chinese parts of USA and Canada are using Dogs and Cats as sources of meat.
    In Japan, both KFC and McDonalds until recently were using rotten chicken meat imported from China.

    Russia got rid of McDonalds at one stroke recently.

  • greanjoe

    We don’t have any fast food here! So sad for you were safe here.. 🙂 such a bad ass!

  • It is a simple case of supply and demand, there are plenty of children serving no good purpose, so why not eat them? Good source of tender protein, and all of them are free range! Well done McDonalds for leading the way forward!

  • GaryGray

    What a load of drivel !! If this were true, it would be all over the globe and McDonalds closed down immediately…you guys better hope they don’t sue the print out of you !!

  • jwhackl41@gmail,com

    den schweine bauch gemisch hakfleisch hamburger beireisch fleiscflazel sehr gut backen beilge salada muito bom j so jw

  • Ivan Dubois


  • Ritualdrama

    There are so many dead people on this planet. Why waste time and money farming/growing animals for meat? I called it. Of course people are going to deny it, they don’t want to believe it. Think outside the box you stupid fuckers.

  • man

    Another way to try and kill the market share of McD as they are the best and the leaders!

  • Tina Reeves

    I don’t eat McDonald’s food but I don’t believe this article. Factories would be immediately closed and police investigations launched. Not credible in my opinion

  • prince

    where is the report (black and white i mean with signature on it by the inspector)? if this is true, then people may know exactly the ingredients used by mcdonald’s and its up to them if they will still patronize the products.

  • G Estore

    I think this is published by a website that qualifies its articles as “satires”. Just this past week, it published an article about Pope Francis “resigning as a pope and making a parting statement that the church is fake, or something like that”! It had also published an article earlier that North Korea had launched nuclear missiles towards the US”! This kind of articles, satire or not, should be banned!

  • Sorin

    They’re far from being original. It’s Jonathan Swift (A Modest Proposal) idea.

  • Mark Lilly

    even so, no need to clean up its image

  • Jake

    So… you’re saying that the US Government found out that McDonalds uses Human Meat for it’s hamburguers, and didn’t clausure it? Haha! Sure, FBI sayed: “Ah OK. Continue using that child meat for your hamburguers, no problem! Let Americans eat poor little kids every day!” Yes, sure, the FBI is that stupid.

  • H. Lecter

    If it’s human meat, well, it tastes really good.

  • Costive

    This website is a liar.

  • mamer cruz

    i dont know if its true or not the question is why that mc donald are still open if is true maybe its propaganda only some veterans soldiers eat human meat said its delicious that other meat human meat is clean than other

  • chloe

    full of shit

  • Lets face facts for a moment. Amerika is one fattest per capita Countries on the Planet. It is because of alot of people eat this fast food crap, frozen meals, sit down chain restaurants,etc. and the only exercise most people take is a walk to the fridge or the car. Amerikans! You are what YOU eat! You are eating Shit, so that makes YOU full of Shit! Eat like Grandma and Grandpa did. Lovingly home prepared meals and skip the rest of the Shit!

  • I’ve eaten at McDonald’s just 4 times in the last three years. Twice for breakfast going to the Airport and Twice for a late late night meal. And the 1/4 lb. was actually hard to swallow down. All the while I was chewing it, I was thinking about the,”Pink Slime” that they had mixed together with the unknown meat content that eventually was formed into a Burger patty. So, after reading this, stand with your back straight against the nearest wall and look down. If you cannot see your toes or the tip of you shoe, You are FAT! I know Amerikans are addicted to fast foods of ALL sorts and colas, cakes and ice cream. Avoid that crap and eventually you will loose weight and you’ll be able to see your toes or another appendage for the men only. People, it’s plain garbage!

  • hypersonicseal

    Brought to you by Hungry Jacks

    Wow seriously what a bunch of fucking bull crap dear god what do you people think these days where not idiots!

  • random person

    With US laws and Police forces, if , im saying if this story is real and not made up we should have heard about it all over Fox news and BBC while not only on this web site. also if this is true all the Ms should be shutten down immideitely on all the states but so far nothing happend so i will say this is just made up shit


    all the evil people are doing to the animals and and the evil of animal testing,, with all the mental hospitals and abortation clinics across the world ,,, Theres NO extent of whats in the meat. People are evil when it comes to money.. greed. evil has no limit.

  • Awesomerango

    People are stupid… This is fake… And no matter how much people will try to say it is real… It’s fake, guys. No need to worry. Although Mcdonalds is probably the unhealthiest fast food.

  • NarcissisticCannibal

    I feel bad for the people that seriously think that THAT is even close to true.

    The only place that even allows you to try human meat is in China for like 250 American dollars, which is 29,973.38 Japanese Yen.

  • Victorio Rustia

    Black propaganda in the name of flourishing business doesn’t work only create troubles in business jealousy for people whose purposes is monopoly of business alone

  • Polygraph tests have a 100% accuracy rate when done properly. Google “The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects”

  • Army

    Is not true plz this website is try to make money of lies

  • JOSH


  • Inty Lector

    this cannot be verified at all. Why should we take your word for granted on this? I’m not attacking you for saying what you’ve said, perhaps you aren’t used to offering sources of information that can be used to fact check… that doesn’t mean you are lying, but obviously im highly skeptical.

    I might add that in interviews with cannibals, they’ve described human meat as tasting like pork. Putting it in an “all beef patty” doesn’t sound realistic. The difference in taste is pretty obvious.

    Horse meat, on the other hand, according to UK news reports, has been sold throughout the United Kingdom labeled as beef. Its flavor is similar to that of beef.

    As an author, you didnt even offer your name…. why is that? fear of defamation suits?

  • Lisa Parrey

    somehow I think if this was true it would be worldwide news all over every media form there is!!! but its not!

  • Fly on the wall

    Regardless of what is in it, it’s not food. Therefore it shouldn’t be eaten. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Most people don’t eat “food”.