UK National Demonstration for Gaza. Saturday 9 August. No excuses. Be there

UK National Demonstration for Gaza. Saturday 9 August. No excuses. Be there

Gaza Demonstration

No excuses. This must be the largest ever UK demonstration for Gaza.

Get organised. Transport must be organised now from every corner of the country, bringing everyone to London who is outraged by Israel’s barbaric onslaught.

Spread the word. Everyone must now mobilise wherever they are in Britain, spread the word as widely as they can — among family, friends, in their workplaces, colleges, community.

No excuses. Over the past three weeks, London has held the biggest demonstrations for Gaza in the world, twice mobilising over 50,000 protesters. But on Saturday 9 August we need to fill the streets of London with a huge outcry at the carnage being perpetrated by Israel, with the support of David Cameron and his government.

Reasons why. 25 days of the world’s fifth most powerful military force bombarding an area no bigger than the Isle of Wight has killed 1,800 Palestinians and injured 9000 more. No one and nothing is safe from Israel’s war crimes: 80% of the dead are civilians, over 300 of them children — women, the disabled, the elderly, the infirm, all slaughtered by Israel’s indiscriminate bombing with missiles and shells.

More reasons why. Hospitals, schools, power stations, sewage works — Gaza’s infrastructure is being turned to rubble. Israel has declared more than half of Gaza a no-go area, effectively announcing it will make Gaza a free-fire zone, when it knows full well there is nowhere for its people to move that is safe, with the borders sealed by Israel and Egypt’s inhumane siege.

Gaza needs you. On Saturday 9 August, there will be demonstrations in cities and towns across the world. We will be there to say Israel’s crimes against humanity must stop. And we will be there in our solidarity with the people of Gaza, who need to know they are not alone.

Watch this page for more updates coming very soon. And organise, mobilise, publicise. But above all, be there.


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  • Zina Ciceklic

    Ovo ima veliki značaj, jer se dešava u kolijevci cionizma, i stoga ima veliki značaj da se jedno za sva vremena stane cio-fašistima u kraj.

  • Fernando

    Yes, please do that. But remember the day is not too far when you too would have to battle the same problem. The extremist face and heat of the people from the religion of peace. Only then will you realize why Israel did what it did in Gaza. Until them enjoy your freedom because you enjoy overwhelming majority. But, keep counting your flock and theirs. The numbers would change soon.

    • eyetoteyeleavesworldblind

      Please dont approve killing of children under any condition, they dont have no religion, no nationality, no hate. I understand your anger, as a muslim, even I am horrified by the things people do in the name of islam around the world, I wish they stop calling it İslam since it is just wrong; however, isnt it equally wrong letting innocent people to get killed just because they are affiliated with someone who might or might not be terrorists. Would you accept your family’s execution just because your neighboor has killed some people and the authority could not get him so they could deliver the message by killing whoever is available. I wish the world stop seeing ‘others’ and start to see’humans’, stop taking side base on affiliations and start taking sides base on right and wrong. I know by heart it was wrong killing 3 teenagers , hence killing more than 300 children and 1500 civilians in their own houses 10 to 50 times more wrong. Please dont be the voice of violence, be voice of peace or you will be one of those you fear the most..

      • Patrick Klocek

        … but killing Jews is fun right!?!?

        • eyetoteyeleavesworldblind

          I have no idea where you got that impression. I dont think killing anyone (jews or muslim) is fun. I just agree with Einstein’s critism of war and people causing it: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

          • Patrick Klocek

            It is the Palestinians and HAMAS that keeps firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli towns in an effort to kill as many infidel children as possible. The Jews can live in peace with Gazan as neighbors just as they have with Egyptians since 1979 and with Jordanians since 1994. But HAMAS would rather turn everyone in Gaza into a “martyr” than accept peace with a dirty Jew-dog.

  • Patrick Klocek

    The UK has been lost to terrorist-sympathisers.