Exclusive: Baroness Jenny Tonge: Sanctions should be put on Israel

August 5, 2014 3:23 pm 0 comments Views: 298


London, (Palestine Telegraph) – By Baroness Jenny Tonge – The present cruel and vicious war being waged on the people of Gaza is Israel’s third attack in 6 years. Israel’s official excuse is to stop the rockets coming from Gaza into Southern Israel and this propaganda is trotted out every day.

They do not say that Gaza has been blockaded for 7years and the people have been in an open prison.
They do not mention the targeted assassinations that occur and the surveillance by drones in the sky over Gaza in between their attacks.

They constantly tell us that Israel has a right to self-defence, but then, so surely have the Palestinians in Gaza.

They of course NEVER mention that Israel has not stopped building settlements all over the West Bank, and stealing Palestinian water, polluting their land with sewage, burning their crops and bulldozing their houses and olive trees.

Whatever triggered this latest deadly attack, the real reasons are never mentioned by Israel OR her supporters in the West.

The real reason Israel does these things is to make life hell for Palestinians wherever they are and try to drive them elsewhere—anywhere.

Israel wants Palestinians ‘dead or fled’, leaving all the land for Israel!

That is why so many civilians are killed—they do not care. They make the excuses about ‘targeting ‘ where weapons are hidden but nobody believes them any longer.

The UK government tends to follow American foreign policy and is doing so at present, with the added consideration that a general election is less than a year away and it does not want to lose the very valuable support of the Zionist community in the UK.

The “Israel Lobby” controls the UK government just as it controls President Obama and his administration. Public opinion in the UK has changed however.

Huge demonstrations are taking place up and down the country and letters and petitions are flying all over the place, as they have never done before.

Many MPs and Peers raise Gaza in parliament nearly every day.

The Palestinians are not forgotten and sooner or later the government will have to follow public opinion or lose support.

Sanctions should be put on Israel.

The EU/Israel Association Agreement, which is responsible for 60 % of Israel’s trade, should be suspended until Israel obeys International Law and respects the human rights of Palestinians.

If our government will not act then the boycott movement is growing fast and the people will do it instead.

The Palestinians must hold fast.  Israel will succumb in the end and have to give them what they deserve—their own free and secure state within the 1967 line, as demanded by Hamas and Fatah.

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