Israelis Have Created Probably The Most Disgraceful Crowdfunding Project Ever

July 31, 2014 3:45 pm 5 comments Views: 2322


An Israeli crowd-funding project to tear down Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock and build The Third Temple in the ruins has raised thousands of dollars in its opening two days.

The Dome of the Rock can be seen from all over Jerusalem and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is not a mosque, but a shrine.  It is built over a stone believed to be the place from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven during his Night Journey to heaven.

It stands across from the Al-aqsa mosque, the third holiest site to Muslims next to Mecca and Medina, which has been a place of worship on Temple Mount in Jerusalem for almost two thousand years, undergoing rebuilds and restoration through this period.

For almost this same amount of time, the Third Temple movement has been seeking to replace the Dome of the Rock with the temple.

What’s more, architects of the plan – The Temple Institute – argue this act of craven violence and ethnic cleansing will bring “a new era of universal harmony and peace”.

According to Rabbi Chaim Richman, the Temple Institute’s international director:

“It is not enough to wait and pray for the Third Temple.  It is a Biblical obligation to build it.”

Richman contunued that the mount “is overrun by terrorists. This is a tangible fact.”

He said rebuilding the temple is the next step to Israel’s current military operation in the Gaza Strip.

“We cannot be the people we’re supposed to be without the Holy Temple,” he said. “So what if we root out the [Gaza] tunnels and missiles? Then what are we doing with our lives? The redemption of humanity is dependent on the Jewish people.”

The redemption of humanity, according to the gospel of The Temple Institute, appears to be the complete eradication of Palestinian life and custom.

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