Channel 4’s Jon Snow Returns from Gaza with Inspiring Video Message to Make things Better. Please Share.





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  • MB

    This is the worst video I ever say in my life. HAMAS is responsible for the dead kids, not Israel, America or anyone else. Hamas is the one who started this and the ones not letting their Arab brethren leave a target area. Of the attempt they are mercerlesaly beat with sticks and pipes

    • Free Palestine

      You are very wrong in your information, it is the Zionist Israel, not Hamas. Hamas is trying to protect it’s people, trying to fight back. It saddens me to see that people label them as terrorists, but they are not, they are simply the oppressed trying to fight back. You would fight back too if you had yourself in this situation. Blaming Hamas is like blaming a rape victim for defending herself against her rapist.

      • Chanah Robinsky

        Shalom free palestine get rid of hamas and then get rid of islam and viola palestine will be free